A little about T.M.

Hi!  I’m T. M. Brown.   I have been married to my soulmate for over twenty years and have the amazing privilege of being mom to our three crazy, amazing boys.  I am a strong advocate for those with food allergies and have an undying love for all things Disney (even more so now that we live near the “magic”).  This year, I have the awesome privilege of serving on the 2017-2018 Chick-fil-A Mom Panel and will always be a Disney Moms Panel Hopeful (until the pixie dust lands on me)!  I am all about my family and enjoy going on our many adventures, having explored nearly every corner of our beautiful country together.   Some of my passions include writing, editing, photography and music.  I hope to get into more freelance writing as the future unfolds.

Why I started the Footprints in Pixie Dust blog….

Well, to be honest, I started the blog primarily because I wanted an outlet for my writing; however, when I began to think about what it is I could use as a focus, I found myself consistently honing in on two particular topics: travel and living with food allergies. 

Our family has been on many an adventure and I love to share our experiences with others, which in turn has historically excited them about visiting that location, as well.   Many of my earlier posts you will find focus on our time in New England.  Now that we live near Walt Disney World in Central Florida, I hope to share many of the exciting events and happenings here at The Most Magical Place on Earth and beyond.

With regard to the food allergies, I began to realize that we actually have a unique perspective to share, particularly when it comes to travel.  Living with food allergies is difficult enough, but taking a trip with them can be even more daunting and downright frightening at times.   We have been managing food allergies within our family for well over a decade now and have found some great places to eat, visit and explore that have been safe for this severe, potentially life threatening condition.  We have developed certain practices that help with coping while traveling, not to mention we have had the opportunity to educate those who are simply just not that familiar with the degree of severity this health condition can present.

Walt Disney World Resort & Parks is one of our favorite places to visit because of the attention given to Guests who have special dietary restrictions, such as food allergies.  By sharing our personal stories, I’m hopeful that perhaps we can inspire and encourage others who may be considering a magical trip such as this.  (I know they helped me when we planned our first family adventure to Orlando!!)   

Ultimately, my strongest desire for Footprints is that you, the reader, find yourself connecting to these posts.  I hope you find yourself eager to visit where we have been or encouraged,  educated and/or comforted by what we have been through.  I hope you find yourself energized, motivated and inspired after reading something here that just may show you that someone else has walked a similar path and maybe even left a few footprints behind to help you navigate through your own journey.

To follow our adventures,

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From time to time, you will note a post from my middle son, Aaryn.  Here’s a brief note from him…..

Aaryn on rope bridge on Wild Africa Trek photo take by Disney PhotoPass Photographer

Hi!  My name is Aaryn and I am going to be a writer from time to time for my mother’s magical blog about our family’s experiences.  I plan to contribute with reviews on our various experiences at Walt Disney World and beyond through the eyes of the teenager that I am. 

My primary focus, as you may find, will be writing about Walt Disney World as I truly believe it is really the best place for families to vacation. Even teenagers find themselves dancing down Main Street, gazing at fireworks and taking pictures with characters.  Young or old, Walt Disney World has a contagious spirit of happiness that makes it difficult for anyone to resist.  

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