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Six Steps to Planning a Walt Disney World Vacation: T’s Breakdown

Knowing me (~T~) means that you know I have quite an affinity for Walt Disney World!  It is no secret to my friends and family and I take no shame in my infatuation.  Over the last few months, I’ve actually had some tremendous chat sessions with many of my friends about vacationing at Walt Disney World Resort (WDW) in Orlando, Florida.  While many of my cronies have been down there already and many times, I  know some who are still dreaming of meeting the Mouse for the very first time.  Among those who have never been, there is a good handful who have expressed to me how overwhelmed they are with even the thought of planning this kind of a trip.  There are too many choices to make, too many things to see, too many expenses for which to plan! A few of them have even shied away from going on a WDW vacation because of the immense amount of planning they fear goes into it, which could, of course, potentially and ultimately become a negative part of the process. Well, let me speak from experience.  Yes – it can be overwhelming.  It can be daunting.  However – it can also be contagious, exciting, eye-opening and magical! Continue reading Six Steps to Planning a Walt Disney World Vacation: T’s Breakdown

My Zoo’s Review: Zootopia, hit or miss?

There is no better way to cap off a birthday weekend than a jaunt out to the movie theater!  Okay – maybe there is, but this is how it worked for me this year.  Earlier this month, Walt Disney Production’s latest film hit the big screen and it was high on the “must-see” list for our family.   Being a huge Disney fanatic, I was rather eager to see how this one played out, so I took the teen, the tween and the ten year old out for a special movie date with mom. Continue reading My Zoo’s Review: Zootopia, hit or miss?