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My Zoo’s Review: Zootopia, hit or miss?

There is no better way to cap off a birthday weekend than a jaunt out to the movie theater!  Okay – maybe there is, but this is how it worked for me this year.  Earlier this month, Walt Disney Production’s latest film hit the big screen and it was high on the “must-see” list for our family.   Being a huge Disney fanatic, I was rather eager to see how this one played out, so I took the teen, the tween and the ten year old out for a special movie date with mom. Continue reading My Zoo’s Review: Zootopia, hit or miss?

Happy birthday, Dad….

Every March 3rd for the past 16 years or so, I have found myself staring up into the morning sky and sending birthday wishes to someone very special whom I lost unexpectedly that many years ago.  This morning was no different.   As I peer through the window next to my desk, I, perhaps for the fifth time this morning already, send birthday wishes to my father.  Happy birthday, Dad! Continue reading Happy birthday, Dad….