Our Top Five Footprints in 2017 ~ A Review of Our Second Year

Wow!  It felt like 2017 came and went faster than a bolt of lightning!  What a year of ups and downs, excitement and adventure this has been.  It honestly feels like a lifetime happened in that one block of fifty-two weeks.  From graduations, celebrating our new college freshman and more disappointment on the job front to taking our first cruise as a family and ending the year with a literal “dream come true” move, I don’t know how we packed it all in.

In the midst of all that, it has been quite an honor to have been able to keep Footprints going for yet another year.  Of course, my gratitude goes out to all of you reading the blog because, without your taking the time to read, share and comment, there would be no reason to keep this up.

In saying all that, I once again, as I did last year, took the time to reflect on where Footprints has taken us and what blog posts had the most impact.   It was another year of sharing our travels, food allergy experiences and various reviews.  What was fun to realize during this reflection was that the top five posts were some of my favorites to write.  From a restaurant review and movie review to my very first interview and a bucket list vacation, I was humbled at the responses and grateful that our stories had such a positive impact.

So, without further ado, here are the Top Five Posts for Footprints in Pixie Dust for 2017.

#5 Southern Hospitality Delivered: A Review of Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ Kitchen

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin ~ photo taken by T.M. Brown

It’s always a blessing to find a great restaurant that knows how to take care of its Guests and this one was such a tremendous experience, particularly for our food allergy son.   Everyone to whom I have talked about this restaurant loves it, so it was great to finally have our own story to tell.  This post highlights the delicious meal we had, the service we received and the Cast Members who put their heart into making our encounter the best.  I mean, it really is all about the Cast Members.

#4 One Man’s Journey to the Savanna: An Interview with a Member of Disney’s The Lion King Cast

Providence Performing Arts Center ~ Photo taken by T.M. Brown

This was perhaps one of the most humbling and inspiring posts to write.  Here, I focus on a friend of mine from high school who took a dream of his and made it a Broadway reality.   There was a lot of reminiscing during our visit and spending time with him that afternoon (after so many years) was joy enough, but what he did during our visit will stay with me forever.

#3 This Year’s Adventure: Going Cruising With Disney! (The Pre-Trip Post)

Disney Cruise Line ~ photo taken and graciously shared by Janice Tillman Brady with An Open Suitcase

This summer, we decided to cross off another bucket list item, but I was still nervous.  We have had our apprehensions about taking a cruise, particularly when it came to how they would handle severe food allergies and, well, I was afraid of being sick at sea.  Even through the planning process, I still had lots of questions that a lot of you helped to answer.  This post shared those concerns, as well as why we chose Disney Cruise Line for our very first off-land vacation. (huge thanks again to Janice Tillman Brady with An Open Suitcase ~ and so many other Disney sisters ~ for sharing her (their) picture(s) with me for this post!!) .

#2 Four Things I Loved and the Two I Did Not: My Review of Beauty and the Beast 

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

I had been waiting for this movie since the rumors started flying about it nearly two years prior to when it hit theaters.  I followed the casting and production, but nothing was more exciting to me than seeing this film finally come to life.   Of course, with any film, there are things I found I liked and things I found I actually didn’t like.  Most of all, I really enjoyed the healthy dialogue that ensued after this posted.  Take a read and let me know if you agree with my likes and dislikes.

#1 Victory on the High Seas: Dining with Food Allergies on the Disney Dream

Photo taken by T.M. Brown

Ah!  I’m very proud of this post and, to be honest, not surprised that it was the #1 post for the year!  It has gone far and I only hope it continues to gain ground.  As you read in #3, we went on our very first cruise this year and I was one nervous momma going into it.  Having a child with food allergies (or any special need) adds a little more to the planning aspect of a trip like this.  Find out how the Crew Members handled our son’s meals and what impressed us the most about cruising with Disney Cruise Line.  Perhaps this will calm any fears you may have or help you make a final decision about cruising with your food allergy child.

So, once again, we’ve closed out another year and 2018 promises to bring even MORE exciting stories.  Now that we have moved to Central Florida, Footprints has the opportunity to bring a different, more focused perspective to you.  While I’ll still share movie reviews, restaurant reviews and our travels, you will certainly see a greater emphasis on our experiences at Walt Disney World.   I only hope you will continue to follow along, get excited about what’s out there, find comfort through our stories and perhaps even learn a little along the way.

Of course, Footprints is nothing without you, so I thank you again for your support.  I encourage you to share Footprints with your family and friends and be sure to follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  My primary hope is that, somewhere along the line, a Footprints post or two inspires, encourages, motivates or educates someone in 2018!

So, once again, with all my heart and soul, I thank you for following Footprints in Pixie Dust in 2017 and look forward to continuing the journey in the years to come!

~ T

PS – I’d love to know which one of the above posts you found particularly helpful, encouraging or just fun to read.  Please comment below with your favorite post.  Thanks!

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