About the Blog

Welcome to Footprints in Pixie Dust!  

by T.M. Brown

I initially created Footprints as an outlet for myself and my love for writing.   Over the years, our family has had some tremendous experiences, as well as some moments we wish we could have changed, and I thought that perhaps, by writing about those experiences, there may be someone out there who would appreciate hearing about of our adventures and who could find themselves having walked in similar footprints.

As I found it difficult to truly narrow down a focus for the site, I figured it would work to simply share the things that we love to do and what impacts our life in a tremendous way.  We love to travel, we love Disney, we love seeing movies together and our life is consumed by food allergy awareness.  Each of these tend to find a way to bleed into the other areas and it just made sense to keep them all, as they so much define our family unit.

In light of the above, I designed the blog to center around the following fairly traditional categories, as well as a few extras to add some more of a personal touch.  You can find these categories to the left and by clicking on the drop down menu.


This one should be pretty self-explanatory.   Nearly every family leads a crazy life and ours is no different.  Here I share various unusual encounters, obstacles we have faced and victories we have had over the years.


Though we are currently living in the Northeast corner of the country, we have had the opportunity to travel coast to coast, north to south / east to west and have had some amazing experiences along the way.  Here I share some of our spectacular adventures and how they have impacted us.  If a restaurant cared for our son’s food allergies, I want people to know about it.  If it’s a place I’d love others to explore, I want to share it!

Food allergies

Food allergies have been a part of our life for over a decade.  We have seen them disappear and we have seen them intensify.  We have learned the ins and outs of managing restaurants, theme parks, family events, school and the family dinner table ~ sometimes the hard way, but fortunately having survived to this point.   Perhaps sharing our stories will encourage another food allergy family, inspire others or even educate the masses on how to view this health crisis that seems to be growing in our country.


Walt Disney World is a second home for our family as they take the time and make the effort to create a safe place for those with food allergies, as well as aim to inspire hope, joy and magic into everyone’s life.  I enjoy sharing reviews, experiences and tips on how to make the most of a trip to this amazing vacation spot.


This category will serve as an opportunity for our family to share our reviews on various restaurants, attractions, adventures and movie releases.  As noted above, if the service was outstanding, we want to make sure others know about it.

T’s Treasured Thoughts

It felt only appropriate to have a personal category that allows me the opportunity to share my heart or vent a little frustration ~ my own momma moments.   No judgments needed ~ just an honest ear and an open heart…the same thing you would want from me.

Aaryn’s Two Cents

This category was created for our middle son who enjoys sharing his own teenage perspective on events in our life.   He does tend to spend a tremendous amount of writing time doting about Disney, but that’s because he is as fascinated with Walt Disney’s genius as his mother.  Perhaps his teenage view will lend itself to assisting parents in their own trip planning with their teens.


As you enjoy the read, I hope that you find yourself either able to relate to at least a part of our journey or perhaps even walk away from the read just a little more educated on something not on the forefront of your mind.   In the meantime, keep making memories and enjoying the journey set before you.  I look forward to connecting with you through blog posts.