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Taking the first step of many…..

Well, I finally took the step…..a major leap of faith, to be honest.  With so many blogs available to read and many of my own friends having taken on this task, it has been a little daunting for me and I have been dragging my little insecure feet.   Fortunately, I have some wonderful, supportive friends out there who convinced me it was finally time to begin documenting the adventure.  I have so much to share, so much to say.  I have just been looking for the opportunity to get it out there and see what kind of a difference I could make with anything I might have to write.

The title of my blog is “Footprints in Pixie Dust.”   When I think of embarking upon a journey, I think of the many steps taken and the various impressions they leave behind.  Some of those steps I wish I could take back, while others I wish I had simply taken just a little more time to let my foot sink into the dirt.   As a wife and mom, I realize that the impressions I leave now with my husband and sons will have an impact greater than I can imagine, longer than my thoughts can fathom.   Of course, I hope the imprint left is more positive and meaningful rather than the opposite, particularly when it comes to my boys.  I have always looked at the three of them as potential world changers and, each and every day, I have the chance to see them grow into those roles.  I cannot tell you how excited I get when I see them succeed, grow, learn something new, rise up when knocked down or affect someone else in a very positive way.  They are leaving footprints now, as well, and I see their steps making a difference.

The “pixie dust” portion of the blog title obviously gives away and speaks to my love for anything Disney-related.   As time goes on, you will begin to see my fascination in Walt Disney, the man, as well as the genius behind the magical empire he left behind for us to enjoy.  I chose to incorporate “pixie dust” into the title as I will likely blog quite a bit about our various adventures visiting Walt Disney World, but also in light of the fact that our journey thus far has been so blessed and I only hope it will continue to be so.  There are times it truly feels as though each day has been “sprinkled with a little pixie dust” and prayer.  Yes, a woman of faith talking about magical moments.  It’s okay – God understands (it’s okay to chuckle here).

So, as I conclude my very first maiden post, my very first step into the world of blogging…I hope you find yourself comfortable and able to relate to our journey.  I look forward to having you follow along and perhaps find yourself a little “pixie-dusted”  along the way.

Until the next step…